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Affiliate Organizations

The Alabama Space Grant Consortium partners with a variety of higher education providers, non-profit organizations, and major aerospace corporations to reach our goal of helping students achieve their goals.

Affiliate Universities: Seven Ph.D. - granting universities, all with space - related research activities.

Community Colleges: The Alabama Space Grant Consortium is presently solicitating greater participation from Alabama Community Colleges.

Non-Profit Affiliates: Non-profit organizations working with us to benefit students.

Industry Affiliates: Companies in aerospace and technology industries supporting ASGC.

ASGC & NASA: ASGC is a NASA funded organization affiliated with the National Space Grant.

ASGC & The National Space Grant:Space Grant is a national network of colleges and universities working to expand opportunities for Americans.

The Southeast Region brings together Space Grant Consortiums in Southeastern states for the purpose of exploring common interests.






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