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Advanced Rocketry Workshop

Advanced Rocketry Workshop

UAH Space Hardware Club </br> BalloonSat In Flight

UAH Space Hardware Club
BalloonSat In Flight

UAH Space Hardware Club</br> BalloonSat with ASGC Logo

UAH Space Hardware Club
BalloonSat with ASGC Logo

The Alabama Space Grant Consortium is committed to helping students and scholars succeed and offers a number of programs to help them meet their academic goals.

For undergraduate students, check out the Undergraduate Scholarship program for help in reaching your college dreams.

For graduate students pursuing research and further education, we offer Graduate Fellowships.

ASGC is concerned about the next generation of scholars and researchers and those who will teach them, and so we offer the Teacher Scholarships program.

For students seeking to gain experience in their chosen field, the NASA Internship program provides valuable opportunities to grow professionally.

ASGC also offers several Pre-College programs to help younger students reach for the stars.




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