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Alabama NASA EPSCoR Research CAN Awards

The NASA EPSCoR CAN for Research Awards solicits topic-specific proposals addressing high-priority NASA research and technology development needs. Awards are up to $750,000 USD for a 36-month performance period. A one-to-one match (cash or in-kind) is required for every NASA dollar awarded. NASA intends to announce the EPSCoR CAN for Research Awards yearly, pending funding availability.

Adobe PDF Icon Current and past CAN Awardees

Adobe PDF Icon Current CAN Solicitation due 3/24/14

Adobe PDF Icon AL‐07AT55A - Device Realization for Sensor and Health Monitoring of Space Transportation Systems

Adobe PDF Icon AL‐09AO61A - High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys for Improved Efficiency in Aeronautic Turbomachinery

Adobe PDF Icon AL‐09AP74A - The Dynamical Inner Heliosphere and the Space Radiation Environment

Adobe PDF Icon AL‐10AN26A - Development of Prepreg and Out-Of-Autoclave Process for Z-Aligned Carbon Nanofiber Toughened Lightweight Composites

Adobe PDF Icon AL-11ZHA003C - Electron Beam Additive Fabrication Technology for Rapid Manufacturing of Space Vehicle Hardware

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