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ASGC Fellowships and Scholarships

University of Alabama Scholars 2010-11
ASGC Fellow and Scholarship Awardees

Online application for Undergraduate Scholarships (includes Teacher Educators in STEM fields)

Online application for Graduate Fellowships

The online application system is now live. The application deadline is Monday, March 2, 2015 and the official transcripts and letters of recommendation are due Monday, March 9, 2015.

What is the ASGC Scholarship and Fellowship Program?

The Alabama Space Grant Consortium (ASGC), a member of the NASA National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program, supports undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships for students studying in an aerospace-related discipline at participating universities. The awards are made to U.S. citizens with proven academic excellence and accomplishments. In Alabama, we award over $326,000 worth of Space Grant Scholarships and Fellowships each year. This adds up, over the 26 years of the Alabama programs, to a total of 901 undergraduate scholarships and 288 graduate fellowships, for a total of over $7.4 million in financial support. The students are competitively selected from hundreds of applicants each year. This current year $326,500 ($111,000 in matching, non-federal funds and $215,500 in NASA funds) was directed to scholarship and fellowships.

The Alabama Space Grant Consortium Fellowship and Scholarship Program is a major component of the Alabama program. For the 2015/2016 academic year the consortium awarded 6 graduate student fellowships of $37,000 each (including tuition), as well as 3 teacher education scholarships, and 35 undergraduate scholarships of $1,000 each. 39% of the fellowships and scholarships were awarded to female students, and 41% of the fellowships and scholarships were awarded to minority and disabled students.

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Instruction booklets for the Fellows and Scholars applications:

Adobe PDF Icon  ASGC Fellowship Graduate Information Booklet (572 KB)

Adobe PDF Icon  ASGC Scholarship Undergrad Information Booklet (556 KB)

Adobe PDF Icon  ASGC Teacher Education Scholar Information Booklet (548 KB)


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